Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ten on Thursday

OK so technically it was always Ten on Tuesday, but that day passed me by in the blink of an eye, so instead of missing it entirely again this week I moved it slightly ;-)

1. Fighting a rotten cold, everything is blah.... tastes blah, smells blah (well I can't smell anything). I'm sorry but I am surrounded by a cloud of menthol and eucalyptus at the moment!
2. I apologise for the following brag, but it's my blog and I'm gonna! Jake had the results of his mid-year assessment tests back this week. In all four areas of vocabulary, maths, non-verbal and skills scores he was rated A. According to the accompanying letter, Band A represents the top 25% nationally! I don't know what results the rest of his year got but I think that's amazing. Three of those marks were 90, 93 and 96%. Still can't quite believe the Mr & I produced that! What's great is seeing how his confidence has grown over the last year. So proud of that boy.
3. Watched the first episode of 24 last night.. Jack is back! Thoroughly enjoyed it, look forward to the rest of the season.
4. No overtime this week - I'm secretly pleased. Those extra hours wore me out. Will miss the extra funds though.
5. Received a letter from Jake's school about activity week towards the end of the school year. That'll be £40 please.
6. Had a baking session Monday afternoon, did not help with the trying to eat well resolution. Lemon muffins, coffee and walnut muffins and millionaire/caramel shortbread. Nearly all gone... that's what happens when you live in a house with boys.
7. A couple more bits gone via Gumtree. Meeting some nice people, amongst the time-wasters. The last little folding table I have is needed in a stable yard apparently... to put stuff on. Sounds like the perfect home for it.
8.The fated food mixer went back today. In fact that is one thing Aldi are good at. They took back the mixer and gave us our money back no problem. The Mr has ordered me another one, this one is much different and not from Aldi. I'll let you know when it arrives.
9. Have you seen that lady from the tv show Benefits Street enjoying her holiday abroad... the one who is so depressed she cannot riles me so much I cannot say more without a bad word or three.
10. Two friends are walking the moonwalk in London this weekend, please pray for decent weather. Otherwise their pompoms are going to get soggy!

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