Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday in Weymouth

Today we travelled for the last match of the season for Todd's football team, in Weymouth. Thankfully, unlike an awful lot of his matches, it was a glorious sunny day.

His team has been playing together for just over a year now (they are all 6-7 years old), and today they really showed how far they'd come. They played so well it was great to watch. The final score was 2-2. Todd did a brilliant job in defence and was rightly pleased with his performance.

Instead of shooting off home after the match, we drove down to the seafront and had a little walk along the front, plus an ice-cream - well you can't go to the beach without getting an ice-cream can you!?!

After we parked up we found this guy...

Mandeville, one of the 2012 Olympic mascots, because of course Weymouth was the centre for the sailing events.

The colourful clock tower on the seafront.

There was a kite festival on today...

The large kite slightly to the right in the photo above was the bottom half of a footballer - weirdest kite I've ever seen. His top half was floating around somewhere too.

There was an interesting ship in the bay... pirates according to the boys...

Then we noticed lots of small boats on the horizon... sailing/yacht racing...

Love the rows of Georgian terraces along the front...

Tomorrow I plan on staying home, avoiding the Bank Holiday traffic I think... Bosley will be pleased :-)

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  1. Glad you all had a good time. My mum has a mobile home there and saw all the kites too. x