Saturday, 22 November 2014

Remember That Day When...

Remember that day...

... when you had your latest eye test and they told you that you'd be better off with varifocal glasses, or if you wanted to continue to wear your contact lenses that you could buy a pair of reading glasses, and you made that comment that it was kind of going against the point of wearing contacts!

... when you saw your eldest go off to goalie training after a break of months because of his knees, knowing that he'd be sore when he came home.

... when you went Christmas shopping and came home with something for yourself.

... when you found the perfect fabric for the living room blinds, but you didn't buy it because you haven't even finished the kitchen yet.

... when you knew you shouldn't have that snack pack of cheddar biscuits and the world obviously thought the same as there was only four in the packet!

... when you tried a new recipe and they all loved it except the littlest boy who asked how was he supposed to eat the chicken when it was covered in this disgusting sauce!

remember that day... oh how we laughed :-)

the boys... just about ready for training

the perfect fabric

my purchase... a little wooden crate for £2.79 from TKMaxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today is Chris' birthday, just one year off a really big birthday... how did that happen, weren't we twenty-something not so long ago.
2. Bosley is being tormented by a frog/frogs living under the decking steps in the back garden. He's always out there trying to catch them, he has even rubbed a sore bit on the side of his nose recently in a desperate attempt to get his prey, but will he learn... what do you think.
3. Jake forgot his games kit today, but its okay Mummy.... I used spare kit and wore my school shoes... for rugby!!!
4. It was really nice to leave the office at lunch time today and not need a hood, or umbrella. In fact it was almost one of the nice crisp autumn days that I love.
5. I really feel like complaining to some of the big stores, M&S, Next, Sainsburys, TKMaxx to name a few. For weeks over the summer they shove 'back to school' stuff down our necks, then a few weeks/months later when you need another pair of shoes, because the first pair split, can you find any reasonably priced leather school shoes... NO! We were left with either Clarks or Brantanos with shoes costing over £40. We ended up with a pair of Hush Puppies from Brantanos for £42! Todd goes through shoes like crazy no matter what you pay for them... maybe something to do with the constant running around and playing football at break time.
6. Have you started Christmas shopping yet... I haven't but I have started looking around the internet for some ideas. I could spend and spend on some people, but others.. well... I'm stuck.
7. My hair is getting to that stage again... that 'what am I doing' stage... the stage that usually comes right before I get it all cut off again. I'm currently fighting the urge... but these things seem to come around in cycles for me. Short hair for a while, then grow a bob.... cut it all off then grow it again. There's only so much you can do with fine straight hair.
8. Just recently I've noticed Jake using 'Mum' and 'Dad' rather than 'Mummy' or 'Daddy' when talking to us. I suppose it's to be expected, he is 13 now but at the same time I feel a little sad too.
9. Eye test this weekend, my routine check as I wear contact lenses. I need to admit my close vision is pretty crappy now... ugh that age thing again... the contact lens person told me they now have varifocal lenses that I could try!?!?! It's either that or grow my arms longer for reading the small print!
10. Love that the boys still like to make cards for Chris. Todd went with Newcastle United football club and Jake went with a game that he and Chris play online 'Clash of Clans'. Will have to capture these works of art on film for prosperity. :-)

Monday, 17 November 2014

Grocery Monday

An insight into my grocery shopping each week...

I actually went shopping Saturday as I am now working every Monday 'til nearly Christmas, but I thought I'd keep the grocery post on a Monday so as not to confuse you all ;-)

Total spent in Aldi: £32.69
Total spent in Sainsburys: £19.70

Didn't need so much this week, which is always nice.

A good offer...

These meatballs are on offer anyway, but I got an extra 30% off as the due date was the next day. I got two packs for £1.04 each. Great to add to a pasta dish for my hungry boys I think - straight into the chest freezer for now.

Another thing, this lovely fish. I actually bought it last week but forgot to share it with you. The boys and I love this delicate fish, £1.79 a pack from the frozen area.

A couple of extras.... there was a warehouse sale on this week. Basically they open up the back store room and sell-off the weekly offers that didn't sell previously. One boy needed a hat, the other some gloves. At £1.99 each I couldn't complain, and they are fleece lined too, so nice and warm for the winter.

Total spend for November so far:

Week 1 - £109.10
Week 2 - £52.39

TOTAL = £161.49

Sundays Match Report

Todd's team were playing away this week, but it wasn't far to travel. In all honesty I thought the match would be cancelled as the weather was terrible and it had been raining all night. However the match was on, so we got wrapped up and headed up the road.

I didn't take my camera this week because of the weather, so I only have one shot taken with my mobile phone...Grandad took the rest.

It was a close fought match ending 9 all.

Jake, as usual, found his own entertainment...

My Week In Pictures

Most of these ended up on Instagram, you can follow me here... katiejane68

1. Boys and puppies
2. Early morning skies
3. Pudsey bear visited the office
4. Todd got his first swimming certificates
5. More boys and puppies
6. Christmas deer at the shopping centre
7. Scrapping goodies found in TKMaxx
8. Slightly damp football match

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Having trouble with my mouse again.... grrr. It's as if the batteries are running out (it's wireless)... the cursor is way behind where ever I am...I cannot click and drag as it 'drops' whatever I am trying to drag...I may just have to throw it out of the nearest window!!!!
2. My iron blew up a few days ago - starting to see a pattern here :-( it was within its two year warranty but over the year so Sainsburys wouldn't refund or replace, so we had to contact the manufacturer, Russell Hobbs. I have to say they have been great and a replacement iron is on its way to us. Unfortunately I had to buy one to see me through, so soon I will the proud owner of 2 irons.
3. Jake announced to me yesterday that he wants to be a paleontologist. He has always said he wanted to be an archaeologist, so I suppose its not too far from that. Still someone that wants to dig up old stuff ;-) Todd is still of the age where his choice of career is either a footballer for Man Utd or an F1 racing driver.
4. Been trying to be good on the eating front. Decided to eat well during the week, then at the weekend I will relax a bit. So far lost 5 pounds. Quite amazing, but then if you saw the crap I've been snacking on in between meals you'd understand. It's a good feeling :-)
5. Not enjoying this damp, wet weather. What happened to the bright, frosty sunny Autumn days.
6. So nice to see so much respect for this Remembrance Sunday. With all the tv coverage, etc, the boys have heard and understand so much of what the war must have been like for our soldiers and we've had some good conversations about it all.
7. Our puppy had a spot of trouble this afternoon over the field. Happily chasing around with another dog who then ran out across the road. Of course Bosley followed too. Thankfully the car that was coming wasn't going very fast and saw him. The issue of further training is becoming more important with our boy.
8. Our Bosley boy is 2 years old tomorrow, still a puppy sometimes and definitely trouble, but oh so cute with it.
9. Just watching 80's music videos on the tv, lots of fun, reliving my teens.... aah... really should be going to bed.
10. Still not in Christmas mode.... in denial I think.

Grocery Monday

Yes I know it's a bit late too.

Nothing exciting to show here today, only figures, no pictures.

Total spent in Aldi: £53.06
Total spent in Sainburys: £12.30

That doesn't look so bad, but I did also get some stuff in Asda after football Sunday, so I need to add that too.

Total spent in Asda: £45.34

I did buy 3 packs of these... £2 a pack

Butcher's Selection 4 British Pork Sausage Patties
These are what I use to make breakfast burritos for Jake. Basically wraps filled with sausage meat (above), finely chopped onion, scrambled egg, shredded hash browns and some grated cheese. Made ahead of time, frozen then zapped in the microwave in the morning makes for a quick, filling and relatively healthy breakfast for my hungry teenager (still can't get used to calling him that... the teenager bit... not the hungry bit, he's always been that!) I got 14 wraps out of 1 pack of the sausage patties plus the other fillings, not bad I thought.

Total Spend for November so far:

Week 1 - £109.10
Week 2 - 110.70

TOTAL = £219.80