Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I'm still here... I was doing so well keeping up the blog, then this thing called Christmas happened and is still happening. I am supposed to be cleaning and baking, but I felt the need to sit for a while. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I still have cards and presents to rustle up, along with some home-baked goodies.

I've done the gift shopping, all but the last few are wrapped, the food shopping has been done this morning (2 supermarkets). I've cleaned the bathroom, done the laundry and hoovered half the house.

To be honest I'm feeling a little flat... the terrible accident in Glasgow yesterday won't leave my mind. Those families for whom Christmas will be very different to what they had planned. Yesterday also saw both my sister and my mum in A&E. My dear sister had an argument with a big kitchen knife and lost... she was making soup but it all ended up very different. Soon enough she will be saying "remember that Christmas when I..." but for now she is sore and struggling. My mum then decided to take a tumble down the concrete steps leading to our house. They are not the nicest steps and if we had the money they would be remodelled but for now they are what we have. Mum has ended up a bit sore and bruised with a few scrapes, so lucky as it could have been much worse.

Both my sister and Chris have told me to stay indoors and stay out of trouble in case these things come in 3's. I think my broken leg two days before Christmas a few years ago was probably my thing.

I can say though we have a blocked bathroom sink this afternoon, so maybe that's the third thing. Just what you need when you have a house full of guests over the next two days and only one bathroom. Chris has purchased a nasty chemical to try and clear it, fingers crossed x

Truthfully I look forward to the day after Boxing Day, the crazy cooking, entertaining and visiting is over, the stress over whether people will like the gifts you've bought has gone, the kids are busy with their new things and I can sit down and put my feet up... maybe even getting on with some much missed scrapbooking.

For now I'll leave you with a photo I love of our crazy pooch... if he want's to play when you're sitting on the sofa.... this is what you'll see...

Crazy puppy!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Week in Pictures

Most of these ended up on Instagram, you can follow me here... katiejane68

1. Advent calendar from work.
2. Our first Christmas card, always my Auntie Angela.
3. My purchase from a new shop selling loose teas... Gunsmoke Temple of Heaven... yummy!
4. Dessert at my Christmas lunch.
5. Team mates and buddies.
6. Cake pop gift from a work team.
7. My boy.. well one of them ;-)
8. Jake at the county chess tournament.
9. Santa on a high wire (he's not real... I mean the high-wire one... of course the real one's real!)
10. My gorgeous lunch date whilst Christmas shopping in town.
11. Giggles all round from these two.
12. Baking stations - filling the lunch boxes for the week.

Sunday's Match Report

A little late I know, I'm sorry, I'm running to catch up this week, but I have a feeling it's not going to happen... so I'm gonna roll with it ;-)

This Sunday's match was the last one before the Christmas break.. cue a collective sigh from the parents... no more early morning pitch side whatever the weather... at least for a few weeks.

They played well, and the teams were evenly matched, the final score was 2-2.

Before the match the teams got together for a photo to commemorate the WW1 football match that happened on Christmas Day 100 years ago. This is going on the team's website so I figured it'd be okay putting it here too.

I don't think I need to say it, but mine's the giant in the back row.

He's one of the attempts he had on goal... not to be this week though.

Love this one, his technique is getting so much better.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tonight I spent a good half an hour or so scrubbing Jake's backpack... the one I bought him less than two weeks ago. No nothing he'd done this time, but another boy who decided to throw his yoghurt at him during their lunch break. Apparently the boy was punished by not being allowed out for the rest of lunch time and given the job of cleaning up the mess. However Jake still came home with a disgusting jumper, messy trousers and the backpack covered. I was sorely tempted to send a bill in... but perhaps I should chill a bit... boys will be boys right, wrong? I don't know, except washing the jumper and trousers was a darn sight easier than scrubbing the blinking backpack!
2. It's a chilly one tonight, grateful for a warm home and a family to share it with :-)
3. Slowly remembering what it is to work full-time when you have children. I remember before the kids, working long hours but having no agenda when I eventually came home so I could relax, sleep and eat whenever I wanted/needed too. Now with the boys around I'm getting washing and some house stuff done but with barely any time for anything else. I take my hat off to those who do this all the time, you must be super-organised, or have a dirty house, or a cleaner, or no hobbies or something. Roll-on Christmas break for a few days off when I can do my things... who am I kidding, I'll be knee-deep in stuff, sorting the boys bedroom trying to make their new stuff fit!
4. Slowly the Christmas gifts are coming together. I managed to sneak a couple of hours in this Saturday to pick up one or two more bits and pieces. Hopefully I can get it all done in time for the big day!
5. This weekend Jake has his big chess tournament. He'll be there most of the day on Saturday. Do I stay, for how long, will he want me there, will he be okay, can I sneak a photo or two..... so many questions. Can you tell, I'm not stressing at all!!!
6. This year the boys chose their own advent calendars. Jake chose a Cadburys one and Todd chose a Thorntons one. Only there is now trouble as they have spotted that Jake's goes up to 24, as they should, but Todd's goes up to 25 with an extra large door which can only mean a small bar of chocolate behind, much to Jake's disgust!
7. Our first Christmas card arrived today, from Auntie Angela as always. There's no getting away from it is there... Christmas is on our doorstep already.
8. Pretty sure I missed one of my thyroid tablets yesterday. I was at the office, busy looking at something with someone at my desk when my alarm went off on my phone. Instead of snoozing it, I switched it off and I really cannot remember taking it when I'd finished with my colleague. Not sure what will happen, I cannot say I am more tired because I'm so so tired lately I wouldn't notice. I guess it's no big deal because I'm still standing :-)
9. Jake was moaning about his games teacher today as they had rugby out in that freezing wind. Not only that but he made some of them take off their rugby tops outside on the pitch to turn them in the other way (they are double-sided) so they could play in a different colour. I'm guessing he's playing his part into turning them into strong men ;-)
10. Thanks Disney for the Star Wars sneaky peek released this week. The light sabers and movies are out in our house and I am constantly humming the theme tune. It's gonna be a long time until that movie is released.... December 2015!

Grocery Monday

An insight to my grocery shopping each week...

Shopping was squeezed in between dinner Saturday evening and bedtime. The boys enjoyed the shopping for a change because it meant they didn't have to have showers.... yes I know, but they are boys!

Total spend in Aldi: £46.97
Total spend in Sainburys: £40.55

It's a poor post this week as in my haste to get it all put away I didn't take many pictures (okay 1) and to be honest there wasn't anything that exciting this week.

Aldi has started doing these...

They reminded me of something... these...

Image for Walkers Sunbites Sour Cream & Black Pepper Crisps 6x25g from Sainsbury's

Sainsburys, £1.80 for a pack of 6 packets, Aldi's version 99p for the same size and amount. Jake also wanted me to add that he thinks the Aldi ones taste better.

We seem to go through crisps like water in this house, so we also buy Aldi's basic multipack of crisps, sorry no photo, but you know the type with salt and vinegar, and prawn cocktail etc. Aldi £2.69 for 30 packets, that's just under 9p per packet. Similar multipacks in Sainsburys £1.75 for 12 packets, that's just under 14p per packet.

Total spend for December so far:

Week 1 - £87.52

TOTAL £87.52

Monday, 1 December 2014

Sundays Match Report, Breakfast and a Beach Stroll

We are so close to finishing football for the Christmas break and to be honest I can't wait. Having said that we have enjoyed watching our little team build themselves up and learn to work together. This Sunday was even more special as Daddy came. Chris had the morning off and got to see Todd's team win. The weather was gorgeous too.

warming up

(Todd is next to his shortest team mate playing in goal)

so tall 
(even his coach asked if he'd grown again this week)

Afterwards the boys were hungry so we stopped at Vine's Farm Shop...

Then we picked up the pooch and had half an hour or so down the beach...

It was such lovely weather, many people were making the most of it, strolling, cycling or walking their dogs.

There was a lot of interest over the replenishment of the sand at Sandbanks end, and we even got to see the work in action...

The ship in the background is dredging the sand from the sea bed and sending it through a very long pipe onto the beach...

... first it's sea water...

... then comes the sand (although I admit it looks like a lot of dirty water to me!)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday was glorious, the type of autumn days I love.... cold and frosty but very dry.... today miserable and wet again. Mother Nature you are a bit of a tease aren't you.
2. Tonight our printer decided to play up and almost die, at the same time Jake was trying to print out his physics homework which is due in tomorrow.  I hate how the evening was spent fiddling with stuff I really don't understand, everyone getting stressed (well ok me mainly). In the end we emailed it to the hotel so Chris could print it off and bring it home with him!
3. Our calendars are filling up rapidly for the rest of this year. So many things to keep track of... I know I will drop the ball on at least one of them.
4. Todd's swimming is going so well. I think I shared that we got him some lessons for his birthday in September. His teacher wants to move him up a group already plus he will be starting swimming with the school in a couple of weeks so I expect to have a little fish by next summer.
5. With working extra and house stuff I have precious little time left for me and my scrapbooking is suffering. I desperately want a day at home by myself to do nothing but scrapbook and catch up with my Project Life album.
6. This week I've sewn up the hems on one boys pair of school trousers and between the legs of the other boys school trousers. Whilst sewing I did wonder how many people these days sit down and do that, or would they just go to the store and buy a new pair.
7. Just found out that Nickelback have a new album out... how did I miss that! Will be acquiring that very soon. If you drive through Parkstone and hear some loud music, it will be me playing it full volume, preferably in an empty house whilst catching up with my scrapbooking!
8. Chris found the packet of caramel chocolate digestives in the cupboard last night when I'd gone to bed.... tonight I found the rest of the packet.... 3 left... only 3 left!!! I ate them quickly before anyone asked for one.
9. This puppy is being a pain tonight.... let me out.... let me in.... oh wait let me out again... like a blinking yo-yo.... good job he's cute.
10. Night, night.