Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today was Jake's latest heart check-up at Southampton hospital. I'm okay until we get in the room for the echo cardiogram. Then I find myself scrutinising the screen as they scan and monitor his beating heart. I have no idea what I'm looking at, but I try to pick-up on the person scanning... did they go over that bit twice.... have they spotted something... should it move that way.... is the blood flow right.... I guess it's just paranoia. Thankfully another check-up passed with flying colours... it'll be another year before we are back again.
2. Whenever we go to Southampton for the above, we always promise tea at Ikea. It gives the boys something to think about other than the check-up. It's meatballs all round and they love looking around the room sets picking what they'd have in their bedrooms.
3. We are spending a few days visiting the in-laws this week in Kings Lynn. I was talking to Bosley this morning (like you do) telling him that we were going on holiday to see Grandma and Grandad and that he was coming too. Well honestly, he was just like the kids, he got so excited and starting running around the house... who says pets don't understand.
4. Todd was 'packed' and ready to go the night before last. When I say packed I mean he'd packed his little bag with toys, books and snugglies.... no clothes in sight!
5. Isn't this weather amazing at the moment.... 17/18 degrees.... beautiful, but no-one seems to know what to wear. I've seen people out in shorts and light summer-wear at the same time as people were wearing winter coats and boots.
6. Whenever you go away, no matter how long for, do you clean your house? I like to do it all before I go so when I come home I can enjoy coming back to it all done. Which basically means for the last three days I've been on a cleaning rampage. So grateful to be able to relax my tired body for a few days.
7. Yesterday we turned the radiator off in the dining room before we went to bed, and would you believe that little furry creature of ours did not wake at 5:20am this morning. I plan to do the same tonight... and every night if it works so I get uninterrupted beauty sleep.
8. Did a little baking too today. Chocolate banana bread, always a favourite and a great way to use up over-ripe bananas, plus a cranberry, raisin and walnut tea bread... the house smelt gorgeous. I will have to post the recipes.
9. Most of the half-term homework has been done now. All except one piece for Todd. He was recently voted forward by his classmates to sit on the school council. He now has to present a 2-3 minute speech detailing why he should be chosen to one of the teachers. He wants some help from me and I must admit I'm putting it off.... a 2-3 minute speech when you're only 8 is quite a task don't you think.
10. Wish us luck as we fill the car in the morning with our luggage, two gangly boys, a dog, a picnic and whatever else we feel we cannot live without for 4 days and set off for a 4 hour drive.... I may just snooze my way through the journey.

Monday, 27 October 2014

It's A Good Job He's Cute

So our puppy Bosley is still waking me at 5:20am, just a little whimper. Just enough to get me up, open his crate door and crawl back into bed. I'm still thinking it's the central heating coming on that disturbs him, I can't think what else it could be.

Like I say, it's a good job he's cute...

Snuggles before breakfast with Todd

Helping with Jake's geography homework... apparently

In the garden

Kisses through the fence with one of his boys

Driving buddies... this one makes me laugh out loud, cannot imagine life with our Bosley dog.

My Week In Pictures

Most of these ended up on Instagram, you can follow me here.... katiejane68

1. A breezy run in the park
2. Rain, rain go away...
3. A double rainbow
4. The over sweet sparkly crispy creme
5. New wheels
6. Christmas
7. A dear deer
8. Todd defending against Jake dressed as a walking wardrobe
9. The crazy festive glasses in Primark
10. Another deer
11. Bosley waiting to catch a Nerf bullet
12. Team huddle before kick-off
13. Goal kick
14. My big boy

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday's Match Report

Another week with sunshine and no rain, although a little breezy. Todd played in goal for the whole match.


examining a scraped knee

A draw this week, 4-4. Yet again our team seem to come from behind in the first half to storm through the second half. At half-time it was 3-1 to the other team, so we did well to get a draw. Some good goal-keeping from Todd with a few long kicks again. We are away for a few days next week so there won't be a match to report, hope you can manage without it for a week ;-)

The new car...

As you know we were down to one car with Chris' car having to go off to the scrap heap in the sky. It's been interesting juggling both of our very different work shifts, plus picking up and dropping off the boys for school and other activities. We knew we'd get another one and have spent the last few weeks gathering our funds together.  Our funds are not huge so we knew we'd have to act quickly if something suitable came along. We weren't looking for anything in particular, just a car in good repair and reasonable running costs.

Obviously it didn't come with a moustache ;-) I just thought I better cover up the registration. It's a Renault Megane convertible 2002. We didn't set out to get a convertable, but the car had pretty good mileage and is a 1.6 petrol engine, so the tax is lower than a lot of cars we looked at.

It seems sound, just one or two cosmetic things to sort out which is to be expected for a car of that age. We paid £750 for the car, plus £180 for tax and another £350 for insurance, not too bad if you say it quickly.

The boys cannot wait for summer so they can go cruising, and when I say boys I don't just mean the smaller ones ;-)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ten on Tuesday

So I've found that the post I finished yesterday did not post and only half of it saved... grrr... so let's try again shall we.

1. This weekend I slipped down the damp decking steps outside the house on the way down to the cellar. I knew I would be a bit bruised, bit right now I have 50 shades of purple going on on my backside!
2. Boys and showers... can't get them in there.... but once in... can't get them out.
3. Two more items left this house thanks to Gumtree.... 1.4 million left to go - obviously I'm exaggerating, although the number may be closer than you think ;-)
4. Todd is writing his Christmas list, so far we have a knights outfit plus sword, plus various other 'toy' weapons.
5. Parents evening for Jake tomorrow, although only with his form tutor. Interested to hear what he will say particularly around homework. It seems there may be one or two pieces left to the last minute and therefore rushed I have found out about lately. So hard to discipline him over this when 'procrastination' is my middle name.
6. Fed up of looking at second-hand cars, especially when your budget is a little tight. You find something thinking oh that's good, then read a bit further through the advert to find this and that isn't working or is missing/broken.
7. Todd has had the opportunity of a free hot lunch at school today and tomorrow. When I asked him about the chicken korma he had today... his comment.... it was a bit small. The lunch providers are obviously catering for the usual 8 year old not my boy.
8. Yesterday Chris had his first Christmas dinner to cater for. Can you believe it, the decorations are up at the hotel as well. It's no surprise he is sick of the sight of a turkey dinner by the time Christmas rolls around.
9. For some reason our puppy has been waking me at around 5-5:30am every morning whining to be let out of his crate. We've been trying to work out what's going on but so far all we've come up with is that he may be cold, so we're trying an extra blanket tonight!
10. Jake has just entered the Dorset Junior Chess tournament under the suggestion of one of his tutors - it's a whole day of chess.... not my thing at all, but I'm happy if he's happy :-)

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Week In Pictures

Didn't take so many this week...

1. Jake wearing his harlequin costume, courtesy of Granny
2. The goal celebrations
3. A 'sweet' reminder in the coffee shop
4. Jake aka Harry Potter with Grandad's glasses
5. The scary egg boiler that had Bosley going nuts!