Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Can I mention the weather, can I, you won't mind will you? It's blinking hot.... I'm trying desperately not to say 'too hot'. My sister reckons it's hotter than Hawaii... I'm not sure about that but I am struggling with keep up with the ironing, cleaning, fitness stuff and of course sleeping!
2. I guess it must be very hot for some, as when Todd got in the shower tonight, Bosley jumped right on in with him!!!
3. Fabulous catch-up with one of my dearest friends tonight.... why does it take a miracle to get us together. Life can be so full, but I really will make more of an effort. Moments like that lift your soul :-)
4. Todd is so excited, tomorrow is his last day, well half day, then he can finally shout that it's the summer holidays, like his brother has been able to do since Friday last week.
5. Trying a couple of new recipes this week. The coconut curry shrimp was really tasty tonight, recipe here if you are interested.
6. Watched a lovely movie last night, 'About Time'. A lovely English movie with a great message for us all at the end. If I said it was about time travel you probably wouldn't watch it, but trust me and do because you'll love it.
7. The in-laws arrive this weekend for a week, which means I will spend all day Friday cleaning, then cleaning some more. At least it means I won't be doing dishes for a week as my father-in-law insists on doing them for me :-)
8. Bosley loves visitors, he's very friendly, bouncy and licky.... except for one.... the postman. I don't know why dogs are so aggressive towards them, but Bosley is exactly the same. You should see the state of the mail if he gets to it first!
9. We've just spent the last 20 minutes trying to catch a bee that decided to fly through our open window... I say we... what I actually mean is that I was stood in the doorway dishing out 'helpful' advice whilst Chris dealt with it. And don't bees sleep, what on earth was he doing up at this late hour!?!
10. Chris and Jake have been watching the Darts championship the last few evenings. I personally cannot stand it, thank heaven for laptops. All I will say is that there are some 'unusual' characters that play.... well I guess it takes all sorts.

K x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fun Kitchen Elements

Recently I spent time going through all the contents of my kitchen and got rid of all the unused junk and gadgets I really didn't need. It is so nice opening a drawer or cupboard now, however....

I've found a few things that perhaps would convince me to add a bit of fun back into my kitchen...

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper wand shakers

Magnetic Spice Rack
magnetic spice rack - looks like honeycomb

Stirr--It walks around the pot, blending ingredients and keeping them from sticking to the bottom while you are doing other things. Great for making custards and gravy that require attention. $29.98
a crazy pot-stirrer - it walks around the pot whilst you are busy doing other things

Bloody Kitchen Chopping Board
a bloody chopping board

dog oil and vinegar set

Animal Mugs - can also be used as a votive!
these mugs can be used with candles too

Fun! Hot Dog Toaster
a hotdog toaster - I know someone in this house that would love this!

Kitchen & Dining - Sea for Two Tea Infuser
tea infuser

Kitchen & Dining - Brainfood Mold

brainfood mould - one of my boys would think this is great!

so which would you have?

Stormy Skies

I think the weather forecasters may have got it right for a change... tonight's sky... the storm clouds are building up on the left...

I would also like to apologise for the severe weather we are due to have on Saturday, you see it's entirely our fault... we've invited friends over for a barbecue!!!


Car Boot Bargains

I got these a couple of weeks ago, but only just got around to taking and sorting the photos.

This is an M&S skirt, more rust than orange. The kind without a waistband. It's quite warm and lined so will be good in the winter I think with my boots.... £1.

A nice denim skirt again from M&S, only trouble is it's too tight across my tummy, which means it gapes at the buttons down the front. I'm doing my best at trying to lose a few pounds so hopefully this won't end up at the charity shop... £2.

 I love this dress from Red Herring, it's so soft, kind of t-shirt material... £1. Another upset, this one is also too tight. I will hang onto it for a while to see if I can lose enough to wear it. That's the chance you take buying without trying on.

Here's a close up of the print, more orange, but with black and a soft green.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Around the web...

I just had to share this fantastic makeover of two sets of drawers, truly amazing...

Go take a look x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary... 24th! Whenever I say it out loud I get get so many looks and comments... yes we were very young, but we're still here together :-)
2. What a crazy couple of weeks with the schools. Seriously couldn't they spread out the activities a bit instead of cramming everything into the last few days of the year. My calendar has been essential although I still managed to forget about Todd's home learning project until Monday morning, the day it was due in! Thankfully I am a craft hoarder and we managed to whip up a couple of worry dolls using dolly pegs, wooden skewers, a glue gun and wool... phew!
3. Last night Chris and I escaped to the cinema. We watched, a very late showing of, Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. Good film, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the tub of Ben and Jerrys... really didn't mean too but couldn't help it.... it was a special night after all (see number 1 above). Cookie dough ice-cream and peanut butter cup ice-cream, totally blew the calorie levels for the week I think!
4. Still filling up my Project Life album, and trying to complete the void that was summer last year. We were fortunate enough to go to Wales with Chris' family and I took so many photos. So many that I simply looked at them and couldn't face the sorting, editing and printing of them... but now I'm determined. We love looking through our album so much.
5. Chris is doing well after his shoulder op. Still sore of course and movement is limited. He's now attending physio appointments to help get the movement and strength back. He had a go driving at the weekend, but agreed it was probably a bit too soon, so reluctantly handed the keys back to me. I must say he makes the world's worst passenger. I can see him brake whenever we approach traffic or a junction, he is constantly suggesting that I 'turn here' and go this way.... he's lucky he's not walking I say ;-)
6. Three more weeks and then I have two weeks off with the family... I cannot wait. We are not going away but are planning a few things with the boys, and Bosley of course.
7. Been having a sort through the blogs that I read regularly. I cleared out a load of the perfect house type ones and added in some real life thought provoking ones instead... a good move I feel.
8. In an effort to be more organised (and not get told off by the lady in the school uniform shop again), we are planning to take Jake to get the branded uniform bits next week. He finishes school before Todd, who doesn't finish 'til the middle of next week. I just hope he doesn't grow like crazy in the 6 weeks before he goes back!
9. Due for an upgrade on my phone, next month I think. Really can't decide what to do. Stick with what I've got, go for a Samsung so I can link it to my tablet, or go for the iphone.... decisions, decisions.
10. We've discovered Bosley really likes sun-cream. To be honestly he loves any cream and will try to lick it off, but sun-cream is definitely his favourite. As fast as I was trying to put it on Jake's legs this morning Bosley was licking it off... so funny and very tickly too apparently.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's about time I posted don't you think, so Ten on Tuesday seems a good place to start.
2. There's lots of newness going on around me, new houses (my lovely sister), new baby (my good friend) - it's nice being able to share in newness don't you think.
3. It's been a year now since we added Bosley to the family... he is family, there's just no way he would not be in our lives. Despite an odd thing or two (shall we say obedience) I/we love him dearly.
4. Todd managed to walk into the very hot oven shelf tonight and burn his leg. In my defence I had just removed our tea and didn't expect anyone to not see the oven door wide open. He was not happy... :-(
5.Managed 10k on the exercise bike tonight, this is after half an hour on the XBox personal trainer last night. If you don't hear from me I may be laid up unable to life my legs!
6. I cannot wait for the boys to break up from school, no uniforms to wash and iron, no lunch boxes, no agenda... please remind me I said that after a few days of hearing 'I'm bored!'
7. The Mr heads into hospital for a shoulder op this week, and will be off work for 6 weeks to recover. Feeling a bit apprehensive about him/the op. Fingers crossed it will go as planned and he'll be back to full fitness so he can do his chores!
8. Using My FitnessPal app to watch what I eat - it's quite an eye opener adding in each and every thing that passes your lips. I think I may have to re-think a few of our usual home-cooked meals as some of the ingredients are blowing my calories for the day... err hello pasta!
9. First parent/teacher meetings with Jake's teachers tomorrow night at the Grammar school - will be interesting hearing their impressions of our boy, who is growing so tall. I do a double-take every time he walks pass me.
10. This week will also be one year since my car accident, no matter how often I travel down that piece of road I replay it every time - forever grateful to my fairy godmother that day, whoever they were.