Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ten on Tuesday

So I've found that the post I finished yesterday did not post and only half of it saved... grrr... so let's try again shall we.

1. This weekend I slipped down the damp decking steps outside the house on the way down to the cellar. I knew I would be a bit bruised, bit right now I have 50 shades of purple going on on my backside!
2. Boys and showers... can't get them in there.... but once in... can't get them out.
3. Two more items left this house thanks to Gumtree.... 1.4 million left to go - obviously I'm exaggerating, although the number may be closer than you think ;-)
4. Todd is writing his Christmas list, so far we have a knights outfit plus sword, plus various other 'toy' weapons.
5. Parents evening for Jake tomorrow, although only with his form tutor. Interested to hear what he will say particularly around homework. It seems there may be one or two pieces left to the last minute and therefore rushed I have found out about lately. So hard to discipline him over this when 'procrastination' is my middle name.
6. Fed up of looking at second-hand cars, especially when your budget is a little tight. You find something thinking oh that's good, then read a bit further through the advert to find this and that isn't working or is missing/broken.
7. Todd has had the opportunity of a free hot lunch at school today and tomorrow. When I asked him about the chicken korma he had today... his comment.... it was a bit small. The lunch providers are obviously catering for the usual 8 year old not my boy.
8. Yesterday Chris had his first Christmas dinner to cater for. Can you believe it, the decorations are up at the hotel as well. It's no surprise he is sick of the sight of a turkey dinner by the time Christmas rolls around.
9. For some reason our puppy has been waking me at around 5-5:30am every morning whining to be let out of his crate. We've been trying to work out what's going on but so far all we've come up with is that he may be cold, so we're trying an extra blanket tonight!
10. Jake has just entered the Dorset Junior Chess tournament under the suggestion of one of his tutors - it's a whole day of chess.... not my thing at all, but I'm happy if he's happy :-)

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Week In Pictures

Didn't take so many this week...

1. Jake wearing his harlequin costume, courtesy of Granny
2. The goal celebrations
3. A 'sweet' reminder in the coffee shop
4. Jake aka Harry Potter with Grandad's glasses
5. The scary egg boiler that had Bosley going nuts!

Sunday's Match Report

This Sunday was a friendly (non-league) match at our home ground. Thankfully another dry day... so sure that is not going to be the case every week!

Todd again seemed to be 'getting stuck in', actually getting his foot to the ball several times and working hard in defence, which seems to be his natural fit. He made some good defensive moves but the best thing ever happened.... he scored his first goal for his team!

I have to say, and this is not just a proud mummy talking, everyone was saying it... the goal was incredible. He kicked the ball hard from our half, somewhere between the goal line and the half-way line. The ball flew over everyone's heads straight towards the goal. The goalie just saw it coming, but fumbled the ball and it rolled over the line...!!!

I don't have a photo of the actual goal (too busy watching), but on checking back my photos, I have one of just as he made the kick, then my favourite shot.... the celebration.

So, so happy for him.

The kick...


The final score was 6-6, but it didn't matter to my boy, all that mattered was that goal... the one which everyone is still talking about :-)

Grocery Monday

An insight into my grocery shopping each week...

Total Spent in Aldi: £56.19
Total Spent in Asda: £64.86

Nothing very exciting to report this week. The observant amongst you will have noticed I hit Asda this week instead of Sainsburys. This is because I needed several different toiletries (shower gel, hair mousse, deodorant, toothpaste, etc) plus washing powder and I have found that they are cheaper than Sainsburys for all those. Also I do include toiletries in my grocery budget as I tend to buy them when grocery shopping.

Aldi had these new granola bars...

reminded me of these...

Aldi's version £1.29 for 6, Nature Valley bars in Sainsburys £2.40 for 5.... quite a difference don't you think, and the bars are the exact same size and weight... will let you know how they taste.

Total spend for October so far:

Week 1 - £153.68
Week 2 - £77.75
Week 3 - £121.05

TOTAL = £ 352.48

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yay I have a working tumble dryer. It's the simple things right. Although it took 3 attempts to fix it... if only the engineer listened to me the first time, never mind, it's done now.
2. Oh those boys... one minute they love each other and are laughing at each others jokes, the next at loggerheads, arguing over something ridiculous.
3. Jake has a new book obsession... Magisterium: The Iron Trial, if you have someone who loves mystery and magic try this one. He loves it. It's the first in a series and the movie rights have already been snapped up.
4. I have a confession... I have slipped a bit with Project Life.... I am behind.... by several weeks, several, several weeks. OK so the last page completed was the beginning of June, not really sure what happened. I will attempt to catch up before the end of the year... do you think I'll make it!?!
5. On Saturday I made two lots of cookies; oatmeal and chocolate, and dark chocolate and macadamia nut. In total I made over 60 cookies, but as of now there are 3 left in the box. Admittedly we took ten for Todd's football team to have after their match, but the rest has been demolished by my lot.
6. Chris finally has a couple of days off tomorrow and Thursday, his first in over two weeks. Shall I leave him a list or let him put his feet up.... decisions... decisions.
7. I may or not have agreed to working overtime, i.e. full 5 day weeks in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Remind me I thought it was a good idea when we are in the thick of the craziness that is Christmas and I am trying to do 'boy' shopping without them whilst working all those extra hours.
8. I made sure Chris did Todd's hair properly today as it was school photo day. Not sure why I worry though, I rarely buy one... they are so expensive and often don't capture the boys as I see them.
9. Wish the end of this blinking cold would go... fed up with the constant sniffing and coughing from me and all the boys. I think we're just passing it back and forth between us all.
10. After watching the Great British Bake-Off series I really fancy trying my hand at croissants, in particular almond croissants, my favourite. Trying to decide if it'll be worth the effort or will it just be easier to pop into M&S ;-)

Monday, 13 October 2014

My Week In Pictures

Most of these ended up on instagram, you can follow me here... katiejane68

1. A very wet Aldi car park
2. Todd's to-do list
3. My Roman soldier
4. Jake reading Harry Potter to Todd at bedtime
5. A cabinet I fell in love with at the vintage unit, but not for £700!
6. Bosley's cushion aka Jake
7. Baking cookies
8. Shepherds Pie for tea
9. Todd's football match
10. Mr Cool Dude

Grocery Monday

An insight into my grocery shopping each week...

Total Spent in Aldi: £53.10
Total Spent in Sainsburys: £24.65

Extras or Bargains:

These sandwich thins. Jake loves them but can go through a packet in two days so I don't always buy them, however they were reduced as they have tomorrow's date on them. Perfect for the freezer. Originally 79p down to 55p. I bought four packets.

Not seen these in there before, peshwari naan. I have only just recently tried these (I know, I know) when I went out for a lovely Indian meal with my scrapping girls. I wanted to let the boys try them too. 89p for the pack - into the freezer until curry is on the menu.

Pork sausages on offer this week. 99p per pack. I bought two packs, perfect Toad-in-the-hole one night cold rainy night.

Beautiful apples, British Spartan. You can't really see in the photo but a rich purple-ish colour. 79p for the four. Thought the boys might be intrigued by purple apples.

Lastly a pack of 5 black gel pens. Reduced from 89p down to 59p. Jake uses these for school and constantly loses them hence the reason I stock up on cheaper ones.

Then onto Sainsburys where I found bagels on offer down from £1.60 per pack to two for £2.50. We love bagels in this house and I have plenty in my freezer of the plain ones so I bought the sesame and the cinnamon and raisin. I just slice them before they go in the freezer, trust me, trying to slice a frozen bagel is next to impossible!

Total spend for October so far:

Week 1  -  £153.68
Week 2  -  £  77.75

TOTAL  =  £ 231.43